July 2, 2024

About Anthony

Hi Rottweiler lovers, and thank you for visiting Living With a Rottweiler.com. Dog ownership can be a daunting and frustrating task for even the most experienced dog owner. Many new dog owners fail to plan before bringing a new puppy home for the first time. We all become enamored with our puppies but forget that it requires a great deal of time, effort, and dedication.

As a child my parents introduced me to pets (dogs in particular) at a young age. I vaguely remember my first dog Sugar (collie), but I do remember the stories my parents would always tell me about Sugar. Throughout the years other dogs would follow:Champagne (standard poodle), Coco and coffee (Dashhounds), Shioot, Kojak, and Brandy (Dobermann Pinschers).

I love dogs of many breeds, however as an adult, I was introduced to the Rottweiler breed by a coworker who had puppies. At that time I lacked any personal knowledge of the breeds history past or present, but decided to go all in with owning my first Rottweiler who I named Samson. Since owning Samson, I have fallen in love with the Rottweiler breed.

I hope to impart what I have learned for over ten years, to those who in the future plan on selecting the breed, as well as those who may need a little help on how to live with such a majestic dog as the Rottweiler. The Rottweiler breed can be confident and obedient, or unruly and out of control.

The goal of living with a Rottweiler is to bring other owners, future owners, and the curious together to create a community which will enable others, including Living with a Rottweiler.com, to ultimately learn how to care, manage, and train Rottweilers.


Living with a Rottweiler.com

2 thoughts on “About Anthony

  1. Hi Anthony,

    What a nice idea to create a community for Rotti lovers. We’ve had 2 Rotti’s in our family. Kenya was our first girl, she had an opposing look but was really nothing more than an 80-pound lap dog. Unfortunately, she died at the age of 5 from what the vet called a heart attack like condition.

    After Kenya, we adopted Sadie, another playful and loving girl. She lived to the ripe old age of 12 before succumbing to cancer.

    Rotties really are probably one of the most loyal, loving, and misunderstood breeds. Thanks for your post.

    1. Rob, I lost my first Rotti about 7 years ago. It is never easy loosing a pet. My wife encouraged me to bring another Rotti into to the fold three years ago. I can not believe how fast the time has past. He still has the same energy he had as a puppy. You are absolutely right about the breed being loyal, loving, and misunderstood. I am hoping I can play a part at shedding a different light on the breed. Thanks for stopping in.

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